The choice of packaging and materials depends on the size, weight, fragility and other characteristics of the artworks.

For city delivery simplest types of packaging (like a bubble wrap) or other more complex solutions. It is essential that it should safely protect the painting from mechanical damage, from scratching and sudden temperature and humidity changes.

For international shipping I use special services, they offer 3 options:

Packing in a tube case

A tube case is a commonly used container for transporting paintings. Generally, tube cases are manufactured from multi-layer cardboard. This type of container also has a number of practical features:

  • High-quality protection against mechanical damage and environmental factors.
  • Available materials and relatively inexpensive packaging.
  • Best option for works on paper

  • The canvas have to be removed from the stretcher and rolled up (so you have to order new stretcher and stretching)
  • Not suitable for paintings on very thick paper, on cardboard or board

Packing in a corrugated box

The most popular container material is cardboard.

  • Easily-manufactured cases (various types of various complexity).
  • Good preservation during storage and transportation.
  • Price

  • Design maybe

Packing in a plywood box

  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • Reusable packaging.
  • Reliable protection against damage.

  • Price
  • Weight which also increases transportation costs
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