As an artist, I am fascinated by the intuitive and primal impulses that propel us. Using different styles, techniques, and materials, I develop a visual language of complex symbolism. Whether it be paper or canvas, oil or watercolor, figurative or abstract, large-scale formats or miniatures, the shimmer of gold or an expressive contrasting black, I transform what at first glance may appear familiar with layers of meaning.

My work can simultaneously delight and amuse, irritate and provoke. Each series mixes contradictory elements, colors, styles, moods. The result of combining different approaches is an artistic practice that embodies a kind of hypnotic symbolism. Nude forms and surrealistic subjects, figurative painting and dynamic geometry sometimes only are mediators allowing viewers to go beyond rationality.

The dichotomy of the feminine and masculine, sacred and taboo images refer the viewer to reflect on conventions, prejudices, stereotypes, and the true nature of things. With delicate, almost transparent images in watercolor I am able to transform naked sensual forms into deeper experiences of revelation, asking my viewers to reconsider the relationships we nurture between our physical forms and our underlying spirit. Meanwhile, my more abstract oil paintings are forceful and deliberately executed with solid oil brushstrokes, what appears to be human figures slowly dissolve into my expressive mark-making and spacious color fields. In this metamorphosis, unusual iconography begins to rise to the surface, such as phallic symbols. It aims to upend our understanding of traditional masculinity, one of sheer physical prowess. Symbol manipulation continues in the series depicting bears, a major totemic figure in Russian folklore, a icon of male power, but here their cuddly toy images presented in new, unconventional contexts, dislocated from memory and reality, forcing us to think about how we see our past and ourselves in it, to explore past emotions, desires, experiences, and their influence on perception of our identity.

Despite their initial simplicity, my work often evokes deep emotional experiences that exceed the encounters of everyday life. This hypnotic symbolism and the juxtaposition of contradictions engages viewers in a game, leading the cold mind away from misconception of logical analysis. While my art can manifest discomfort, exposing hidden attitudes and prejudices, it also encourages playfully experiencing new emotions, discover unexpected thoughts, appreciate unforeseen beauty – like a mirror for self-discovery and deeper understanding, although the choice of interpretation always the viewer's.

By creating a bridge from hallucination to reality and, at the same time, a portal to the wonderland, art helps people to approach a mission that that lies beyond words.


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